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Adoria Vineyard is owned and cared for by Mike Whitney. Mike was born amidst the vineyards of California and moved with his family to Seattle, Washington, just as that state's Vineyards were beginning to challenge California as America's best.


As a young man, Mike discovered Poland and has lived here since 1995. It was destiny that he would combine his love and knowledge of wine with the perfect growing conditions of Southwest Poland to create Adoria Vineyards.


He first sought out the perfect location for his Vineyard and worked with the world's leading authorities on wine. It took a year and a half and the rejection of over 300 sites before he decided that Zachowice was the ideal location. Once Mike had the perfect piece of land he began to build Poland's first world class winery. A new winery was designed and built using only state of the art equipment and processes. An entire Europe-wide supply chain was designed and implemented.  In the United States one would start this process using " Wines & Vines" buyers guides, for example, to find  suppliers and specialist contractors. For his Polish Vineyard, Mike had to start from zero which meant traveling throughout Europe and visiting suppliers for the production equipment and grape stock.


“We definitely did not do this all by ourselves,” explains Mike” We have been fortunate to work with a great team of global professionals on this project including consultants from Oregon State University in the USA and the University of Sienna in Tuscany as well as professionals and suppliers located throughout Europe. We also relied on an excellent local team of designers and contractors to build Poland's first purpose built winery.”

Experience has taught Mike that wine making is begun in the vineyard. Traditional processes are employed where they work best and when modern techniques benefit the winegrowing process they are used. When you come to Adoria you will notice this approach throughout the winery. The 16th century technology of using oak barrels for aging wines coexists comfortably beside a computer  programmable Zambelli pn Zeta pneumatic state of the art wine press.


"Mike Whitney is a man for whom the most important is quality. His vineyard

is a symbol of precision and attention to every detail. Wines made here are

noble and reflect the enormity of hard work."

Michał Kwiatkowski – owner

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