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Wine Adoria

Pinot Noir





Pinot Noir, Chardonna, Riesling

Adoria is located in Southwest Poland in the Odra Valley, a 20 minute drive south of Wrocław.


We specialize in Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Bacchus and Riesling wines grown in our vineyards.


You can find Adoria is such five star hotels as the InterContinental Warsaw, Warsaw Marriott, Hyatt Regency Warsaw, and the Sheraton Krakow.  You can also find Adoria wine in such 2012 Michelin Red guide recommended restaurants as U Fukiera, Ale Gloria, Atelier Amaro, Miód Malina, Wesele, La Campana, Ale Gloria, Dom Polski, U Fukiera i  Qchnia Artystyczna and many other fine establishments.


Our 2013 Pinot Noir is sold out.  The next vintage will be avaliable in June of 2014.  You can register your interest in this wine at and then we can contact you when it is avliable.

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